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UZP-AT10  Acid Gelling Agent


UZP-AT10 is modified polyacrylamide, used in gelling acid, is applied to delay the reaction speed of acid-rock reaction and reduce the leak-off rate. This product can be quickly dissolved in the acidizing fluid and increase the acid viscosity. It has characteristics of high-temperature resistance, good compatibility, outstanding low friction performance.

Technical Index


White powder

Solid content, %min


Viscosity @0.8%UZP-AT10, 20%HCl, 170s-1, 20, ≥ mPa.s


Viscosity @0.8%UZP-AT10, 20%HCl, 170s-1,90, ≥ mPa.s


Retardation rate @90, 10min, compare to 20%HCl


Size (0.3mm), %


Ion type


Dosage and usage

Firstly prepare acid solution with a concentration of 0.3%-1.0% according to the characteristics of the formation and the construction requirements before apply UZP-AT10. Due to the large amount of dosage, we use Venturi Principle to configure gelling acid system. Inhaled the UZP-AT10 powder into the ejector, mixed with acid in the throat of the ejector, and then circulated with acid pump for two to three cycles, followed by the next day’s construction. Adding appropriate additives into this circulating system. The product is cationic, compatibility experiments should be done in advance.

It also can be used as drag reducer in the acid system, the dosage is 0.1-0.15%, flow velocity  8m/s, the drag reduction rate can reach more than 70%.

Handling and Packaging

Read the Safety Data Sheet and container label for safe use before handling,

UZP-AT10 is available in 25 kg kraft paper barrel, or according to customers' requirements.

Storage and Transportation

This product should be stored in a ventilated and dry warehouse. No contact with acid, alkali and other chemicals. Keep away from heat.

This product should be handled with care during transportation. Avoid moisture and damage.

Has a shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacture.

This product is of no hazard and can be transported as general chemicals.

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